SkyCommand Dealer Registration

Please note this type of signup is only applicable to for security organisations who wish to sell Inner Range products and services to their customers. End users wishing to control their devices should sign up a regular account.

Your Personal Account

First create your personal account, which will become the first user and administrator of your dealer. This can be changed later.

Your Email address is used to sign into SkyCommand

Public Dealer Information

The public facing details about your Dealer account. These will be shown to customers when they access your devices through the SkyCommand App and will be seen on the Contacts page.

The public email address for customers, displayed in the SkyCommand app

The public phone number for customers, displayed in the SkyCommand app

Contact Information

Contact information is for internal Inner Range use only and is not visible to the public


The region in which you will be re-selling Inner Range services. This cannot be changed.